Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hell weeks turn Holy.

It's been quite a while now. Everything's just been so crazy lately. It's school. Yeah, school. Nothing else. I can't even explain what it did to me. It's like my whole world turned into this huge ball of STRESS. No sleep, no food intake, no social life, no nothing. Or yeah maybe. I kind of gained a few (or maybe more than that) zits.

When I say Hell weeks, I meant that literally. The heat + stress + mood of people around you make it a lot worse. But I'd have to say. You wouldn't know the difference between terrible and great if you haven't experienced both yet. So together with my weeks of doom, I had my awesome moments too.

There's the life changing Paramore Concert.

There's finally being a member of
UP CRAdLe (Children's Rights Advocates League).

And there's being elected as Chairperson of
UP CD Circle (Community Development Circle).

(Together with me the 2 other officers. Haha.)

I feel rather great for not killing myself after all these weeks. I went gaga all over, but hey, I'm still alive and kicking! Tama yung sinasabi nila. That if you just make yourself feel that you're happy, you will be. It worked for me. Although hindi nawala yung nababaliw ka na sa kakaisip because you feel that all your brain cells have vanished into thin air. It's just moments like these that I can finally say.... IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. (I wish. Kasi wala pang grades. Haha.)

So today, it's Maundy Thursday and it's the time I should start reflecting on all the blessings I've received recently. Holy Week never fails to make me feel a lot better. I think it's fate that my hell week ended yesterday. It's time to open up my heart again to that Somebody who's always been there for me.

Nothing more to say. Just maybe want to do a series of thank you's. First to UP Community Development Circle for giving me their trust. Nagulat ako sa results ng votes. Walang nag-abstain. I am stunned. I'm still a bit scared and all that, but I feel that maybe it's me and my organization's time to shine. It's time we prove some people wrong. Second, to UP CRAdLe and Rea for the warm-welcome and encouragement. And Lastly, to my mom and my friends who never stopped helping out. So para akong nagspeech? Feel na feel? Hahahaha! That's it.

My quote for the semester:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at
you, then they fight you, then you win."

- Gandhi


choknat said...

uy paramore! hehe

God Bless. :)

Smerica Anderjones said...

Nice blog! :D Love the pictures! :D

Huggsss <3
Erica in Singapore

Chyng said...

Aha, isa ka sa youngsters na nandito sa moa nun. Sayang di ko naabutan, late ako pumasok sa office. hihi

Pau said...

Oo. Paramore! Haha. XD

@Smerica Anderjones
Hey thaaankss. ;) HUG! :D

Pau said...

Oo. At ang wild lang namin. Hahaha! Super hot ni Hayley! Kinis ng kilikili niya! Hahahahahaha! :))