Friday, April 17, 2009


i just can't take that away from you, now can i? :'(

think it over. think twice, even thrice.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i've been scanning for HOURS this week. may rheuma na ko. :[

and while scanning, i came across THIS PICTURE........

Year 1971.
ababyaboobooabiabuababaaaaaa. :3
no wonder i turned out this adorable too. ^^

SUNDAY: annual easter egg hunt. it was kiiiind of not the same with all those non-relative kids. some of them looked familiar. and some i knew. but there were like 20(?))+ of them running around and hunting for eggs. ALSO, i just need to comment on how UNCHALLENGING it was. wala lang. it was more of easter egg hunt + boozy's birthday party + alexa's mini-concert kind of day. an all-in-one kids day. so na-OP kaming "grown-ups" for short. we just sat there and watched Jared do his moves to be once again, the life of the partey. and this is when i realized how drugging children songs are. no wonder they're all so hyper.

i am pretty amazed on how we handled this week. we both got cut-off by our mom's who oh-so-love-us very much. i understand why it all happened. and i know we didn't take it in very well... but we have to think about it as a blessing. thank God. i guess.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


i have failed too many times for you. so i have finally decided.

i do not disagree that i do make mistakes. because i know i do. i have my own share of slavery of sins. a thousand times worse than my sins a lot of years back. and according to what i know and what i believe in, you are here in my life, and i am in yours because we are the ones who are supposed to be ready to accept each others failures. yes, we correct. but we correct with love. and that's what i love most about us, AT TIMES. like other relationships, we too are not perfect. and i accept that now.

why do i say just now? because i know i've been this girl who took those things i should really love for granted. i made you my god. i was too immature to break myself apart just because of one tiny problem we had to go through. i wanted "us" to be perfect. i wanted to keep that spark last. but how could it if i was too afraid and paranoid about the "falling apart" part. i needed to trust you and i needed to trust what we had. i love you. but i know now who i should put first before you. myself, my family, and God. those people i have failed to notice for months that we've been together. those people that i have failed to see that no matter who i am or what i do, they'd love me more than you do. I'M MORE THAN POSITIVE. you are special to me. but making you my world and my life. depending on you to give me all the happiness i thought i needed... that's just wrong. i love you, and you love me. we just have to accept that. and keep hangin' on. the deaths that we go through, will make us resurrect and trash our old selves out.

OHA. this passover, iba talaga. XD

Christ has risen.
Christ has truly risen.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

chocolate mousse.

today, i feel like the exact opposite of how i wanted to start this blog. as of now, i just want to keep it shut. i want to hide everything until i'm ready to smile and laugh and be little miss sunshine all over again.