Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy FML Day.

Make-up class started at 8:30am.
8:10am - Got up, changed clothes, brushed teeth. No shower.
8:15am - Realized I lost my song lyrics so opened the computer to have a quick print, but printer wasn't installed yet because it was reformatted. Opened the old laptop which took 15mins to start up. Printed my lyrics.
8:30am - Ran to the main street to ride the jeep.
8:35am - Rode the jeep. Opened my wallet to pay. FOUND MY OLD LYRICS INSIDE.

Class ended at 10:25am.
10:25am - Called Dad to pick me up. No time to spare. Had Math class at 11am.
10:30am - Ran downstairs. Kept calling Dad.
10:40am - Dad still not there.
10:45am - Started walking. Dad found me.
10:50am - Change of clothes.
11:00am-11:15am - Trip to school.
11:15am-11:35am - TOKI ride.
11:40am - Went inside classroom. DIAGNOSTIC TEST. NOT GRADED.

Math class ended at 12:15nn.
Ado's Graduation starts at 1pm.
12:15pm-12:30pm - Walked to FC with Kaye.
12:30pm - Rode jeep to Philcoa.
12:45pm - Rode bus. No space, so stood all the way. I was wearing a dress.
1:00pm - Brother and Mother calls to tell me to ride the taxi to pick up necktie which was left at home.
1:05pm - Asks bus driver to bring me down. He stops in the middle of the road.
1:05pm-1:20pm - Tried to get a taxi right under the AWESOME SUN.
1:20pm - Finally got myself a taxi!! BROKEN AIR CONDITIONER.
1:50pm - Arrived at Sto. Domingo church.

With no breakfast and lunch, decided to have KFC.
(By this time wala na akong pake sa mga nangyayari sa'kin)
2:00pm - Ran to KFC, tripped right in front of the customers.
2:05pm - Ordered a Twister Meal. Twister was for 5mins.
2:15pm - No Twister yet. Drink ALL GONE.
2:25pm - Nomnomnom-ing my Twister..... SPILLED SAUCE ON MY DRESS.
2:40pm - Decided to go upstairs to wash my dress.. Upstairs was closed. So washed my dress in the bathroom downstairs. No mirror. Smelly. Yucky.
2:50pm - While scrubbing my dress, RANDOM PERSON OPENS DOOR. No lock.
3:00pm - Went back to the ceremony with a wet dress.

3:00pm-4:00pm - Long and hot graduation inside the church with no electricity.
4:30pm - Decided to eat out.
4:45pm - Stepped out the car. Stepped on wet plastic.
5:45pm - Went to Office Warehouse. Opened the door and TWISTED MY WRIST.
6pm - HOME FTW.
6:30pm-7pm - ♥ ♥ ♥

Yes, I know.


dragonfly said...

How on earth did you edit the "_ tapped at my window"? I hope you don't mind. :)

Pau said...

Sa html. I don't really remember. Hahaha! Pero look for the code na "title" or "heading". Tapos change mo lang to the title that you want. :D

dragonfly said...
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dragonfly said...

I mean for the comments. :)

Pau said...

Sorry never na ako nakareply sa'yo. I tried to remember and find out how I did it. Pero talagang di ko na mafigure-out. Super duper sorryyyyyy. :( Pero pag sakaling nafigure-out ko ulit, ikaw ang una kong sasabihan! Promise! Sorry uliiiit.

Okay todo apologize ako. Sorry talaga.