Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hop hop hop.

Life has been great the past few days. I've been really busy (and happy) with stuff I am absolutely NOT suppose to prioritize. But anyway. What's done is done. Haha. XD

Thursday. Two of my friends (whom must I say I haven't seen since the year started) visited me in school. Plan was, it was JUST LUNCH and then I attend my afternoon classes. Apparently, we were all an hour late so medyo nabitin kami in the morning. Which of course ended up... Me not attending all of my classes. Well... Totoo naman. Minsan ko lang sila makasama. Eh ang klase, palagi kong pinapasukan. Lame excuse, Pau. Whatever. :)) Went around UP, ate lots of random food (Rodic's tapsilog, FIC ice cream, Mang Larry's isaw, and mango shakes), semi-shoot ng tanghaling tapat (kami na ang naligo sa pawis at ako na ang kadiri ang paa nun dahil naka tsinelas lang ako), and apparently, they had very liberating stories to tell me.

Friday. I cut my first class. YEY ME. But I was really happy to get the chance to talk to my good ol' friend Roger. Na *ehem ehem* medyo busy with his good ol' life. We were supposed to talk about this case study presentation but we of course, ended up na nag-chichikahan lang. We had some catching up to do. Lame excuse. AGAIN. :)) But that's what made my day complete. NAKS NAMAN! UTOOOOT. =))

Saturday. Morning, I attended the SDP Teaching Program graduation. Afternoon, attended THE CRAZIEST BEST PHOTO SHOOT EVER (by Sandra Dans). At around 7pm, went to Cham's birthday dinner at Agave SM North. Then slept over at Nicki's to watch some awesome Modern Family. 8D

Sunday. Woke up at noon. Watched 3 more episodes of Modern Family ("You have something that belongs to me.... MY HEART." HAHAHAHA. Okay sorry). Walked to Magnolia for some awesome ice cream. Attended mass (at least half of it). Had weekly dinner at Lola's house. And watched another incredible movie by Disney... THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG YO!!!

So now.... I'm all sick and I still gots lots of stuff to do tomorrow like 2 reports, 3 journals, and a book drive project for this org I'm applying for. GREAT. But it's all gooooooooood. :> Just felt like sharing this awesome weekend with everybody. I hope ya'll had a good one too. ;)

♫ You gotta dig a little deeper ♪
-The Princess and the Frog


Manech said...

Back in college, it was always an easy choice. Friends before classes.

That's why I always had excessive absences. Haha.

Glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend. I enjoyed mine too. :D

Jakey Junkie said...

Ayos 'yan, weekend blast. Most if not all corporate slaves like me really miss the collegiate life. :D

Pau said...

True. And I'm guessing this led to awesome grades? Hahaha! Sometimes it's really hard to force yourself to attend your classes when your friends are there. :|

Glad you enjoyed yours as well! :D

Pau said...

@Jakey Junkie
Oonga e. A lot of my "corporate" friends tell me to live this kind of life to the fullest already. Doesn't happen twice... Unless I'd have to repeat or something. :))

Chyng said...

wow, if i were in UP area, araw araw akong kakain sa Chocolate Kiss! Ü

Pau said...
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Pau said...

Yeah but.... Wala akong peraaaa!! Hahaha. Well. Isaw is a good alternative though. :> Nomnomnom.

peenkfrik said...

I assume you might be busy until now but hope still have a great hearts' day!

I had FIC today at the mall. :)

Lovely photos too. The place with the trees looks relaxing.

Pau said...

I actually am. It never ends! O_O But I still had a good 14th of February. Hope you had a good one too. :>

FIC IS ZE BOMB. They sell it for half the mall price in UP. :> Hahahaha! Those pictures got us really sweaty! Thanks!