Sunday, February 14, 2010



I turned my back. Squinted my eyes. Took hold of my phone. Checked the time -- 7:53am. Then read my message -- Mommy Pig: "The Lord has finally heard the cry of our beloved Jose Luis. He got his wings at 7:25 this morning. Let us pray for his eternal happiness." I usually go back to sleep after reading my morning messages. But after this one, I couldn't even close my eyes for a single second.

I wouldn't call him our family priest or anything. But he did change our lives. Everything about our lives he turned upside-down.... but right-side up. With one conversation, he managed to convince my mom to enter into this life of spirit. From wealth to no money, no home, no nothing. Just us. Jose Luis was a man who knew what love really meant. He always knew what to say -- even though he was aware it would hurt us. He was a man -- worshipped, adored, praised. To all of us, he was a saint. But to him, he was just another sinner saved by God.

We now celebrate his birth into the new life.

Brother's and Beer

Been drunk for 3 straight nights now. But I assure you, this has absolutely nothing to do with valentines day. I just missed it I guess. I missed the times wherein I didn't have to worry about what people would say about me. Basically, I DIDN'T WANT TO CARE. But then again, being drunk never made me escape the real life. I wake up in the morning and find my self... Worrying about what I said or did the night before. Oh fucker. Ha-Ha.

My younger brother saved me from getting caught the 2nd night. And the older one, well, he celebrated his birthday. That's it.

Valentines Day

Three of my guy friends went on a secret mission for this day. They bought roses for all us girl friends. Realization: Hindi pa extinct ang mga lalaking hinahanap ng maraming babae.

A friend gave me roses and chocolates. My insights on this is.. Ewan. I really appreciate it. Although... Basta. Hahahaha? Ha? Ha? =))

On Being Emo.

I feel left out. I don't belong anywhere in the world I got myself into. Everything about it is just wrong. Hindi ko din alam. Until now, my course title is still haunting me. This is not what I want. But why am I here? Who wants this for me anyway? The only thing I know, this was never part of the plan.. Never will be.

"Weeping may remain for a night,
but rejoicing comes in the morning."


Chyng said...

Wow, all this time I thought you're a guy. Hihi

Elias Jayson said...

tagaaay! haha.
kampay kampay!

srsly, my condolences to yyour loss of a good friend.

thanks, so dami. wehe

Pau said...

SERIOUSLY??? Do I look and act like a guy? Hahahaha! Benta! :))

@Elias Jayson
Hahaha. Kampay! Cheers!

Thanks. He's in a better place.

lucas said...

drunk 3 nights in a row... wow. hindi ko kaya yun. hehe! but i miss being drunk to. it's good to just let go and free yourself from certain inhibitions...

belated valentines day :)

dragonfly said...

I have given you a Princess Award. :)

Pau said...

Ako din di ko kaya e. Learned my lesson. Hahaha! Pero masaya naman maging carefree minsan! \m/ :p

Belated Happy Balentayms din!

Wow thanks!! :>

jeniffer said...

wow tanggera ka pala.. condolence to your friend.. I know he is the right hands of the lord. :)

Pau said...

Kapag nasa tamang mood lang naman. Hahaha! Thanks... :)