Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Babae po ako.

GRABE. It's that time of the month again. And wow lang. Naaawa ako sa lahat ng nakasalamuha ko ngayong araw na to. Last night, I was making my illustration for EDR121 when mom came in and stood right behind me. I hate it when people do that. I HATE THAT. I hate it when people stand right next to me while I read or write or type or draw. So I kind of pushed her away and... Nagtampo siya. :| MEAN ME. Then today, I was one hell of an introvert. I didn't approach anybody or when somebody talked to me, I'd either just nod or shrug. What a bitch.

TAPOS. My EDR121 partner is kind of... Well actually he IS dyslexic and medyo ewan ko lang ha.. ADHD ata (my own hypothesis). But he's okay. He's kind and very diligent. Pero madaldal siya and his voice is really loud that even though he's whispering, dinig ng buong klase yung sinasabi niya. Then as usual, I sat beside him today. Pero... Medyo nairita ako sa kanya ngayon. MEDYO LANG NAMAN. Coz he kept on talking and making side comments there beside me even though I wasn't responding to anything he was saying. And tell you what. NAGKASABAY PA KAMI SA JEEP. Tas di ko din siya kinakausap. :| But nung bababa na siya, nag-bye naman ako.

But still. When I got home.. I really felt bad for treating him that way. I'm not normally like this. I'm patient with people but the stupid sun was too high today and this week just had to be that time of the month. Demmit. HORMONES.

The only good thing about having this visitor is that I can make it an excuse sa bahay kung bakit ako masungit. I know, I know. Treating people badly is only up to me. Not my hormones. Nyeeee.


Jakey Junkie said...

Actually kahit ako e medyo naiilang kapag may nanood up-close sa ginagawa ko.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

ay mariah scarey :P

Pau said...

@Jakey Junkie
DIBAAAAAA?? Nakaka.. ERRR. Ewan. Hahaha. Irritating naman talaga. Pero ginagawa ko din yun minsan sa ibang tao. :))

@Eternal Wanderer
HAHAHA. Yes. I admit. But for this week only. Or at least the next couple of days. :>

dragonfly said...

Haha ganyan din ako. It's kinda annoying and probably maging conscious ka s lahat ng ginawa mo at gagawin mo pa lang.

Pau said...

I knooooow. Tama ka. Sobrang mas nakakadown kapag at the end of the day naaalala ko how I treat people. Tsk tsk. :| Haha.