Friday, January 1, 2010

Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things.

I'm not really sure if a recap would be any good for me. But I'll try anyway.

I started last year with a blast. I had a boyfriend, a job, and... I uhh... Passed all my subjects (lol). I found a new family at Sta. Mesa where I consider all the children as a part of me now. I got it through my last sem as a first year student in UP, not with flying colors, but I got through it. ;) I watched the movie of John Loyd and Sarah in the middle of the year with my mom. And I took theater classes during summer, found new friends and learned just what I wanted to. PETA rocked. \m/ I am now a godmother of three babies in a span of two years. I was taking medications for 9 out of 12 months of this year. And oh, I fainted during a mass and got confined for three straight days. FIRST TIME YO. I went to Baguio twice. Celebrated my VERY FIRST BOYFRIEND-ANNIVERSARY. I did relief operations with my friends and cousins for the victims of Ondoy. And oh wait! Me and my cousin, Nicki, got stuck in the middle of Philcoa for 7hours straight during that storm. I starred in a film thanks also to my cousin Nicki. Hahahaha. I counted the steps around the whole Engineering Complex (1,057). I got a bouquet from a Golden Wedding Anniversary, and got kissed by a stranger in 3 different parts of my face.... He's not really a stranger now. :D I cut my piggy bank open (plastic eh. so i didn't really have to break it). I auditioned for two things, turns out I'm still really not confident enough. I celebrated my birthday at an orphanage for the first time... And I'm looking forward to doing it again. :> I went to Bohol with of course, the Dans family. And it was awesome as always. Last but not the least... I got my heart broken, BIG TIME. That's the one thing I won't forget about last year. Truth is, last year existed because of him. I re-read my planner this morning and I saw every page covered with drawing and doodles all about "those moments". I was seriously in love. And truth is, IT SUCKS. I can't believe I had to waste all that time for someone who's been treating me like shit. But before I start this year, I just want to say, it sucked but I don't regret all of that happening. Atleast he made me happy. Nobody else would've done that the same way he did. Thanks Angelo.



Resolutions (by priority):
10. Di pwede malate (school, meetings, hangouts, etc.)
9. Control myself when I get hold of alcohol.
8. Exercise (jog, bike, soccer, SIT-UPS, etc.) atleast twice a week.
7. Read at least one book per month.
6. Be a diligent student.
4. Earn money.... AND SAVE IT.
3. No oversleeping.
2. Attend the tripod.
1. Be a happy person.

How boring. Hahaha. Di naman masusunod. WELL ATLEAST I TRYYYYYYY!!! :)) 9 and 10 are the last priorities kasi alam ko those are the ones which will be hard to do (especially by someone like me). I'm not saying na hindi na ako mage-effort. OFCOURSE I'LL STILL TRY MY BEST. Ako pa. :>

So again, Happy New Year Everyone.
Have a good year ahead of you. :D


chyng said...

cheers to a girl like you, charge to experience nalang ang heartaches and lessons learned.

have a happy and lovelier 2010! ♥

Pau said...

oh wow. sobrang true. thank you. :') have a great year too! ♥