Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kung wala sila, Paano na tayo?

I've gone to Tagaytay for a lot of times now. Ever since I was a kid, I always sat at the window seat going there and coming back so I would be able to see the view of the fields. Until before this weekend, the only thing I knew about them fields was that they were really lovely and green and wide and everything there was DELISYOSO.

But what was going on behind those exquisite fields?
That's what I didn't know.
That's what EVERYBODY ELSE didn't know.

"Pinagyayaman namin ang lupang ito bilang mga magsasaka. Dito kami nabubuhay. Pero hanggang kailan?"

This is the question the people of Brgy. Lumil in Silang, Cavite have been asking all their lives. The only thing that kept them alive was this land. This land that fed them, brought them to school, gave them shelter... They didn't really ask for more. But that wasn't enough reason for some. Not enough basis to stop others to take it away from them. Some didn't understand that once they took this land for themselves, a lot of families would lose everything they have. And when I say everything.. I meant that literally.

How could some people not see the beauty of these lands? Anong gagawin nila? Put up factories and villages once they take hold? Okay. Do that. But what will they do with the families? The farmers? THE CHILDREN? Oh I know. They'll tell them they'll relocate them and give them jobs.... That's pure bull. There's no security in that. They don't realize what beauty they're taking away. Not only from these farmers, but from all of us.

What beauty?

Those luscious pineapples.

Mouth-watering fresh buko.

Delicious food.

Lalo na pag kinamay at nasa dahon ng saging. Nom~

Those innocent and happy children.

That simple way of living
(My foster home)

Hardworking men.

Those loving families.

(My foster family)

I tried this kind of living. It wasn't easy. Nope. Not at all. Waking up at 5am every morning to go up the mountains and work on the fields. I wouldn't even get up at that time if I had to pee!
It was amazing to live here.
I wouldn't exchange this experience for anything.

The only thing these farmers ask for is to let them stay. They're not asking for the whole land. They're just asking for that portion. There truly is no better life for this land. What can we do to help? Spread the word. These beautiful sceneries have something hidden behind them. A world full of struggles. The trouble of these farmers is not only for them. It's our problem to solve too. Make a move. Change our world... Or at least, our country. Just let those people realize what they're doing and what they're taking away. Without these farmers.. We have so much to lose. Let's not take that risk.

"Ang problema ng mga magsasaka, problema nating lahat."
-Kuya Abe, A youth farmer


Eternal Wanderer... said...

that's the harsh reality of our country's socio-economic-political system.

but it is good to know that there are people who care enough to write about it.

hope springs eternal :0

Manech said...

Brings back a lot of things. Painful ones.

And to add, when push comes to shove, blood gets spilled all over the land.

Worse is that nobody notices.

I wish I had that experience. To see the sublime, to ache for an assurance.

citybuoy said...

they never talk about this when you play farmville. *sigh*

Yodz said...

Those who end up elected and thus have a greater influence on public policy happen to be well-meaning proponents of land reform for farmers and the welfare of the poor, but their enthusiasm to eradicate the inequalities in land ownership comes only during election...
after election, talking to them is like talking to a dead bull.

Pau said...

@Eternal Wanderer
REALLY HARSH. Di ko mapigilan eh. I really want to spread the word. Haha. Thanks for visiting. :)

You got the words right out of my mouth. Yes. The military is involved too. They come to visit this place every now and then... WITH weapons. Its such a sad reality especially when I think about the children. :(

Haha. Yeah. They should try playing that game in real life. Nako.

Pau said...

I always tell myself that there's still hope for this country and its leaders. But it's so difficult especially when we are aware that we're all just taking the risk in indicating these people.

Mister LLama said...


You are invited to join Llama's Choice Award!

walongbote said...

I simply love tagaytay. I think those people visiting tagaytay should know about this.. nakakalungkot pero di man lang ako nakaget in touch sa kanila.. :(

Pau said...

Well I wouldn't blame you for not knowing. I didn't know that too. But now that we do, spread the word! Or at least send some prayers. They badly need it. :)

Thanks for dropping by. XD

tim said...

i love the photo, ung pine apple ganda...

Pau said...

oonga eh. ang liit niya in real life though. ang cute. :))

chuwie said...

hi nice post..=)

Pau said...

Heyy! Thanks. :">

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