Monday, June 15, 2009

BULAGA, random.

Expect RANDOM before reading.....

I'M ALIVE, fortunately. After everything I've gone through this summer. Talk about "pasan mo ang daigdig". :)) No. Actually, my life's kind of amazing that way. The bigger the load i carry, the better life gets. (ilang beses ko na yan pinagdukdukan sa sarili ko, btw)

You can definitely tell from the time span of my posts.... SABOG NA KO. as in sobrang sabog. sabog kung sabog.

Summer Computation:
50% - PETA Summer Workshop
20% - Scanning Dans' pictures
10% - Self-pitying
20% - Others.... (family, vacations, pig days)

Yan na yung overview ko. The self-pitying part is mostly the whole process where I lost commitment. The before, during, and to come, THE AFTER. Which right now, is a decision I am about to regret. I THINK. For more details: visit old blog and refer to the entry of the date scheduled tomorrow, June 18, 2008. Something I'm supposed to be celebrating. :'( Well, life's like that. It gets better, I know.

I'm not really used to the first day of classes without having to kiss and hug my mom goodnight the night before. Pero big girl na ko, and big girls don't cry... Ano daw? :)) Mom's been gone for almost 2 weeks now. And I'm handling it pretty well. eh? eh? :D Except for the part where I'm still heartbreakin'. HAHAHA. ANO BA.

His birthday was a blast. According to him. Masaya daw siya. And oh, he blew his 2nd candle last Sunday. Seryoso. The very 1st time again after his first birthday. HAYUUUUUUUUUUP. Ako na si life changer! Sige na. :)) But seriously speaking, I feel really good doing all those things for him. At kung pano siya magpasalamat.... nothing can beat that. I'm inlove with the things I do for him. <3 Although today, I got pretty harsh words AGAIN... WEH, lilipas din naman yun e. My day was fine until he left. Yung kakitiran ng utak niya, nalipat sa'kin. SASABOG NA UTAK KO KAKAISIP. Lech kasi si ano e. Cute ka pa naman. Wag mo lang siya i-entertain, cute ka forever.

Besides the fact that I'm reeeeaaaaaaaallllllyyyyyyy bothered with the way he's been acting, bothered ako sa CD. As to how it might change my life forever. CD was never part of the plan. Naging "part of the plan" lang siya after SMC. Actually, BACKUP PLAN LANG SIYA. But then, thinking about graduating with this title... It kind of seems wrong. Nag-usap kami ni Paopuff kanina. About how we have no idea with what's going on with the world yet CD kami. No. I meant, yes, we love CD and all. And we love learning about it. But we never came to love learning about politics and the government and..... HAHAHAHA. loser. :)) noooo. seriously. PARANG MALI EH. It just seems so wrong, that there's no way out. Literally, NO WAY. Sayang yung passion ko. At ang hirap pilitin na mahalin ang gobyerno. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. =))

"Is it wrong for me to want you, Just for a day?
I don't want to be that kind of girl, but I just can't help it."
- Girlfriend, Marie Digby

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