Thursday, April 16, 2009


i've been scanning for HOURS this week. may rheuma na ko. :[

and while scanning, i came across THIS PICTURE........

Year 1971.
ababyaboobooabiabuababaaaaaa. :3
no wonder i turned out this adorable too. ^^

SUNDAY: annual easter egg hunt. it was kiiiind of not the same with all those non-relative kids. some of them looked familiar. and some i knew. but there were like 20(?))+ of them running around and hunting for eggs. ALSO, i just need to comment on how UNCHALLENGING it was. wala lang. it was more of easter egg hunt + boozy's birthday party + alexa's mini-concert kind of day. an all-in-one kids day. so na-OP kaming "grown-ups" for short. we just sat there and watched Jared do his moves to be once again, the life of the partey. and this is when i realized how drugging children songs are. no wonder they're all so hyper.

i am pretty amazed on how we handled this week. we both got cut-off by our mom's who oh-so-love-us very much. i understand why it all happened. and i know we didn't take it in very well... but we have to think about it as a blessing. thank God. i guess.

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